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While business meetings are fundamentals of a business, there’s no doubt that they also take up a big portion of employees working hours, thus also affecting productivity. In that case, no amount of technical problem should get in the way of conferences and meetings. To ensure that technical issues are avoided, here’s an audio visual checklist for conference and meetings, along with professional suggestions to ensure that potential technical problems leading to losses will be kept at bay. Tips for a Hassle Free Conference or Meeting Since no technology setup is foolproof, you need to work early to put backup plans in place in case of a glitch. 

Here are a number of the tips to prevent errors from occurring once your team sets up a meeting.1. Start with an Audio Visual Checklist for Conference and Meetings A checklist ensures that the agenda is followed and topics are communicated clearly among attendees. Prepare Your Audio Visual Equipment Microphone Basically; you need a quality microphone for your conference or business conference. There are various types of microphones that work for a wide range of setups. A pushto talk microphone is useful for roundtable discussions and conferences. Pushto talk mics are more convenient than handheld ones if the individuals are in a conference table. 

Gooseneck microphones are for podiums. A wireless mic is best for interactive discussions as it gives the presenter more freedom to move. The wired mic is versatile as it may be used for the podium or table with the use of microphone stand. Lavalier microphone offers greater freedom for speakers. This is useful for doing demonstrations and public interactions. Best Practice: use as few microphones as possible to reduce audio problems. The more sound channels available, the more noise produced and the higher risk of having audio feedback. For a podium with two gooseneck microphones, only one should be turned up. LCD or DLP Projector People learn faster with visual contents. 

To hold a lecture, speech or report, a good projector is what you need. There are various types of projectors to select from, each with its own cons and pros. 

Here are two of them: LCD delivers a sharper image with rich colour dynamics in ambient light. Most cinemas use DLP projectors Best Practice: the distance of the projector to the screen, called throw distance, is largely based on the screen size and the kind of lens in the projector. Multiply the screen width by two to get the best throw distance. With a screen of 6ft, place the projector 12 legs apart. In addition, you should check the projection focus at the audience area not at where the projector sits. Loudspeakers and Analogue Mixer ensure that the conference or meeting room is well equipped with speakers so pretty everybody can hear the person speaking.

Few Tips for Audio Visuals in Conferences


Size of the ballroom is one of the key factors to be considered, you need to know how many people are attending and you have the right venue selected for your conference. Making sure you know how big you require your event setup to be, if you need a LED Video Wall or a projection setup and how much sound and lighting would be sufficient enough for the audience.


If your audiences are finding it difficult to view the presentation you have lost their attention already, hence good projectors play a key role for a successful visual presentation for your conference. There are a wide range of projectors ranging from 2500 to 15000 lumens to more.  It all depends on the number of attendees and venue size.


Imagine you spent hours or even weeks to prepare your presentation and on the day of your event the presentation doesn’t play. There are times when we face delays when a laptop doesn’t connect to the projector. Make sure to check your presentations way before time before the presentation stars and if everything is in the right order. If a meeting starts without any delays you are already ahead of the game.


At times some hotels have their own Audio Video Equipments installed in the smaller boardroom so at times it’s better to hire an AV technician so that you are not left with the burden of handling your presentation. However if you are hosting an event of a larger magnitude it’s advisable to rent out your audio visual requirements and let the Audio Visual team take care of your needs. Get quotes or work with the hotel in advance to make sure they are aware of everything you need on the day of the meeting.


AV Concepts is the leading service provider for Audio Visual Rentals Services in Goa, with branches in Mumbai and Gujarat. We have a wide range of different brands audio visual equipment for hire as per client needs. We ensure to setup the equipment well in advance to avoid any hassle of unexpected delays; also our onsite technician ensures the equipment is tested and ready to go.


Choosing the right set of equipments for your event at times gets complicated. We AV Concepts help you with every audio visual aspect of your larger-medium-small scaled event, conference or a meeting. Having all services under one roof means we are able to deliver a single item to a full technical set-up, ensuring the highest possible standards are met every time.

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